Newest proves that the outdoor craze is stupid

Prove given by the British Mountain Club “why hill walking is the antidote to a hectic world”: A BMC video on hill-walking

»On paper, walking for hours over large bits of rock might seem strange or even a bit pointless.

But people who love hill walking know differently. Getting into the mountains can offer many things – camaraderie, exercise, fun and adrenaline, to name a few. But perhaps the most powerful thing about hill walking is the effect it has on the mind.

Mountains refresh your mind and spirit like nothing else. As your body roams, so do your thoughts, taking you away from the intensity of the cities where most of us live. As the narrator in this video by Ben Winston says: “When I walk, I forget to worry. And it seems in forgetting, I remember what’s important again.”«

But, wait. What are they advertising by promoting hill-walking?

Aahhh, themselves….

Just a silly video:

BMC video on hill-walking





The Prove that it’s possible to use lurid Hollywood-sounding iconoclasms for advertising multiple-day talking-based conventions:

Participating in this years issue of IMS: a surfer (Sebastian Steudtner). Thumbs up! Apart from that, I am especially looking forward to meet Marko Prezelj.

However, questions rise. What would IMS be without its shortcomings? Who the hell wants to watch or listen to a member of  FREI.WILD at this occasion? The mental anticipation alone already is enervating.





As you already might all have known, the Running Craze can be seen as somewhat of a sister of the outdoor craze. Its newest hit: The Adventure Blog reports about an…

11-Year Old to Become Youngest to Run a Marathon on All Seven Continents.

A reason to like what this boy is doing, is given by TAB, too: “This young runner isn’t tackling this challenge just so he can set records however. He is also running to raise funds for a nonprofit called Operation Warm that he has been instrumental in as well. The organization provides warm winter coats to underprivileged children who come from families who can’t afford to buy coats themselves. So far, Nikolas has raised more than $40,000 for Operation Warm, which has purchased coasts for 2000 children.”



Red Bull K3 Run

Without words:





I was like: Uoohh, that looks awesome!

Alex Honnold climbs buildings.




Though I don’t know what’s so special in it – this is just for my corporate identity:





Last but not least: A climbing account really worth reading – Alan Arnette’s story about his ascent on K2.

Anyway, as all of you know, climbing is certainly not as stupid and as worth contempting it as the industry and media (or in general: a society) that make people believe they have to do it.

So, if you can, enjoy. There’s not so much left.



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