Visual Update – New Features

Yesterday I have given my blog some new features, making it visually a little clearer, more attractive and more informative (at least I hope so).

In the bottom section, now you can find a grid of top posts&pages, four visualizations of direct RSS-Newsfeeds by, Alpinist Newswire, Climax magazine, and; as well, you’re now able to sign in directly on my own RSS-feeds and you can view the complete list of blogs I follow. Moreover, I updated the Commercials and Impressions pages (that is, a little – work is still  to be done there).

In fact, it is a shame that these simple improvements have taken up to now to be realized, because the only reason I made them, is: I just spent some time looking and trying what all the functions in my wordpress-dashboard are there for. And at this point I really have to say: it’s amazing what wordpress can do – or putting it another way: …what you can do with it – so this is a big praise for wp!

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